Crossing Comfort Zones – Ep 28

What did we do!? We had a pretty open conversation about our thoughts on today’s current conversations and controversies over racism, gender pronouns, SJWs, and the like. And we get an update on Hazel’s running and some info on America’s Greatest Steeple Chaser ever, Evan Jager, (who knew, right?) Thanks for this listen!

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Music Thoughts

I wanted to write about a couple fun thoughts I’ve had about music lately. A while ago when we were all texting I mentioned that John Gourley is my favorite vocalist in music. So it made me wonder who my favorite vocalists are. So here is my list of favorite singers: John Gourley (Portugal. The […]

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Sandra Bland Remembrance

Hey guys. I want to start posting more so I’m going to try to a few short posts over the next week hopefully. I didn’t tell you much about the Sandra Bland Remembrance rally that I went to in July. It was the 2nd anniversary of Sandra Bland’s death. This is my favorite rally or […]

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