What is next?

It has been 12 weeks since I began running again. I wanted to take a moment and reflect on what I’ve done well and what I am ready to do better. So far I have been pleased with my consistency of runs, 3-5 times per week. I have been doing an “okay” job with stretching/yoga. Recently I have become more comfortable with making the pace honest, meaning most of my training runs are now 7:30 pace or faster.

The first 12 weeks back have been a success. I really enjoy having running back in my life because it helps keep my diet somewhat clean and is a constant perspective enhancer. When I am running, many other “stresses” in my life seem trivial. Running has been a great improvement to my life, and now I am wondering what I want to do next with it? Do I want running to occupy more of my life choices? Do I want to be competitive with running again? Am I willing to make additional sacrifices for running? Do I want to train for a marathon or try to run a fast 5k? I don’t know the answers to these questions yet, but I have decided to lean-in more and continue to challenge myself. I anticipate the answers will start to become more clear to me as I continue running these upcoming 12 weeks.

Areas to improve on for the next 12 weeks. (August 27 – November 18)

-Increasing mileage – I want my weekly average mileage to be 25-35 miles/week.

-Focused stretching – With an increase in wear and tear on my body I have to start taking stretching and yoga much more seriously. My flexibility and strength have to improve in order to prevent injury with the increased mileage and heightened intensity.

-Always have a race on the books. The fear of sucking is a huge motivator for me so if I can keep a race ahead of me I will always have that pressure to get me out the door.

-Workouts: Up to this point I have only done one legit workout. I want to start doing 1-2 workouts a week. Track workouts, long runs, and fartlek (“speed play”) will be my go-to workouts.

Even just writing this blog post is getting me excited for the next 12 weeks. Below is a recap of the last 12 weeks.

I ran two 5k races with a best time of 17:54. Runners on Parade (Ft. Wayne) and Elkhart Humane Society Benefit 5K (Middlebury, IN).

Total Miles:  195 miles

Average Week / Longest Week:  16.25 miles / 24.3 miles

Longest Run:  6.9 miles





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