Sandra Bland Remembrance

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Hey guys. I want to start posting more so I’m going to try to a few short posts over the next week hopefully.

I didn’t tell you much about the Sandra Bland Remembrance rally that I went to in July. It was the 2nd anniversary of Sandra Bland’s death. This is my favorite rally or protest that I’ve been to this year (I think I’ve been to 7 now). There were about 200 people in attendance and 7 or 8 speakers. Her death actually happened a little closer to Houston but they only had about a dozen people at the rally there. So I’m very grateful to live in a politically active city. The rally lasted for about an hour and 45 minutes. The reason I enjoyed this rally so much is because I learned a lot. Every speaker was a person of Global Majority and they all spoke on racism, either in the general sense or with regard to the police (it’s crazy how racist police are in 2017 still. Although not that crazy when you realize Police were first called Slave Patrol. I might need to do another post on Police). Actually, there was 1 White ally that spoke. She was an activist that protested outside the jail where her death occurred for 80 days. Sandra Bland’s mother spoke at the end. It was really amazing to see how strong and passionate she was. I didn’t realize how mysterious her daughter’s death was until I heard it from her. You should check it out. It reminds me of a phrase from Ta-Nehisi Coates’s book, Between the World and Me. He basically says Black parents tell their children they have to behave twice as well or else something like this might happen. And when you’re telling a kid that they internalize “you are different and worth half of a White kid.” Sandra Bland was killed (I don’t believe it was suicide) because she didn’t use her turn signal and stood up for herself to a cop. There’s nothing America hates more than a strong Black woman.

2 thoughts on “Sandra Bland Remembrance

  1. I’m glad you are going to start posting more Doug! I really enjoy reading about your experiences in Austin, especially these political rallies. Obviously a very different seen than where I reside. Even some of the language from the Austin culture is different than Indiana. “White Ally” and “Global Majority” are new terms for me.
    The video of Sandra’s arrest is sickening and Brian Encinia handled their encounter like a piece of shit who I believe should be locked away for a long time and obviously terminated from the police force. But I heard the charges are for purgery about why Sandra was removed from the car. Max for this charge is 1 year in prison and a $4,000 fine! I just read Encinia’s charge was dropped!!!What the fuck.
    Please write about the cops man! If you don’t I will. This is crazy.
    Okay, question on the last sentence of your post. Who are you defining as “America”? When I read that, I thought you were referencing something more than the cops in general or even Brian Encinia himself. If you actually meant America, who are what ideas are you referring too?
    Love the post, keep in coming playboy!
    Is is cool if I start calling you playboy?
    Let me know, peace

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    1. That’s a good question. I was vague. I mainly meant like the idea/establishment of America. So to me that means the government, primarily cops and the justice system/prison. I’d also include some of the institutional racism that is prevalent in America with the education, financial, and economic system.
      White ally and global majority are both terms I’ve learned from going to Black Lives Matter meetings. I like using global majority instead of people of color because white/Caucasian is a color too but it’s seen as normal, even though Eurocentric people are a global minority. Just trying not to be subtly racist.


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