Crossing Comfort Zones: Episode 27

Welcome, Dan and I had a lot of fun recording this episode. As the anticipation for the 2017 NFL season builds, we each break down our expectations for the next season.

Politics are a common topic on the Crossing Comfort Zones podcast. We talk about two different approaches to political thought: Binary vs Directional thinking.

One of our hero’s: Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, had his Youtube channel and email account locked by Google for a “violation of terms and services”. We way in on the matter in this episode.

Thanks for tuning in!

Peace and Love


One thought on “Crossing Comfort Zones: Episode 27

  1. Yeah I pretty much stopped watching the NFL when Ray Rice only got suspended 2 games for his domestic abuse and Josh Gordon was suspended 8 or 16 games for marijuana. Plus the death of Junior Seau was a little before that and watching concussions became hard to do, especially Austin Collie. And I only watched 2 Notre Dame games last year. 1 was the UT-ND game with friends and the other was when my parents were in town.
    I’m one of those people that don’t like Jordan Peterson. He views sex as a binary thing and I think he’s hateful to transgender people. I recently read “Becoming Nicole” and that gave me a lot more insight into the transgender issue than I had before. Sex isn’t just determined by a penis and vagina though. I’ve only listened to 1 of his podcasts with Rogan so I’m not that familiar with him. I remember around episode 20 you guys were talking about him and it was upsetting for me to hear you echo his thoughts on transgenderism. I figured I’d add my 2 cents as the social justice warrior of the group.


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