Donald Trump


For the first time since I was in high school the entire Hazel family gathered for a family vacation. My parents are part of a Holiday Inn vacation program and they have so many points they are allotted to spend on trips throughout the year Lindsay and I have used these points to go to Vegas and Orlando over the past two years.

For this vacation we went to Cape Canaveral, FL for the majority of a week. It was awesome having the entire family together for multiple days. We all spent most of our days at the pool / ocean and then would go out for dinner. Beers were flowing and we had a great time. The Busch Lite fairy found us every day. (Thanks Dad!) I was able to try two new meats on this trip. Alligator and Shark are delicious and I would recommend getting some if available.

One night I went out with Jason and Josh. We went to a bar in Cocoa Beach and got wild. We took the dance floor first and had so much fun other bar goers had no chance of resisting the fun. We closed the joint down and headed home at 2.

Unfortunately for me, my mom decided to make our NASA day that next morning. I was hungover but NASA is legit. They have really cool exhibits and I loved watching one of the Imax films. By 2035, regular trips to Mars is a strong possibility. I would recommend NASA and would like to go back when not so irritable.

This past weekend I went to Cleveland to work on the podcast with Dan and go to the Brite Winter festival. Crazy weather made the festival awesome. It was 58 degrees and sunny on February 18 in Cleveland! It was a free festival and they had seven stages I believe. The music was really good and I really enjoyed all of the bands besides The Modern Electric! That is half true, I was just expecting more from them.

My favorite part of the festival was hanging out with Dan’s “other” friends. They are super cool people and I’m very jelly that I don’t have friends like that here in Warsaw.


Dan got an app that records phone conversations. We recorded a conversation we had on Wednesday when I got back from Florida. We talked for 45 minutes and after listening to it back, I was surprised how well it turned out.

We recorded our first and second official podcasts in Cleveland but the sound quality was horrible so we are going to have to scrap them. I was bummed that the sound sucked but I’m excited at how much fun it was doing. We are going to try another one Tuesday 2/21 and have every intention of putting this on the website. (I don’t know for sure we can do that but I will follow up on where you can find the podcast.)

With all the crazy shit going on this President’s Day I am reminded how grateful I am for the love of my wife, family, and friends. As president I propose we treat each other the way we would like to be treated. I know its more complicated than that but damnit…if you cant get behind my solution…..You’re Fired!!


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