Last Week

I took a lot of pics this last week and just figured I would share them all at once and talk a little bit about my week.

On Tuesday night I ran a track workout downtown with Trail Roots. It was 3x2k with 3:00 rest in between. It felt good to run hard on a track again. Then after that I jumped in the Barton Springs Pool (bottom right). This pool is awesome. It’s a natural spring and is 58 degrees year round. I’m hoping when you guys visit we either get in the pool here or somewhere in the creek that leads to it. The creek is from the pic with the rope swing on the main page. Then after the pool, I went to a bar to watch the Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders debate at a bar downtown (bottom center). That was really cool because everyone at the bar loved Bernie and hated Cruz. I felt right at home. It was fun with everyone clapping, laughing, and booing together.

Last Thursday was Shakey Graves Day in Austin. I assumed it was his birthday or something. He said 6 years ago he played a little show for some local politicians and they gave him a certificate with his name on it – something they do for everyone that does that. And every year since then he makes sure to play a show or have a party to celebrate it. And now it’s kind of a big deal in Austin. They had a local band play first. Then Rayland Baxter, David Ramirez, and Shakey Graves played a set. Rayland played 2 brand new songs solo. Then they played a handful of songs together. 2 songs with Shakey Graves on the drums and then a few songs with all of them on acoustic guitar. It was really cool because you just felt like you were hanging out with friends. It was really chill and no one took it very serious. Shakey Graves is really funny I found out. He’s a great performer.

On Friday night I went to see The Wild Now play (top left). They’re a local band that I’ve seen before but I felt like doing something. They’re playing at SXSW so I’ve been listening to them a lot lately and really liking them. They played a few brand new songs and they were really good. Then after that I protested the immigration raids for a couple hours (bottom left). On Thursday and Friday it appears as though ICE specifically targeted Austin (and some other cities) for being a sanctuary city. 44 immigrants were arrested when there are usually only 4 or 5 a day. There were stories of ICE agents following buses home to arrest kids’ parents and ICE agents knocking on people’s doors if they looked Mexican. There were a few protests around town. I just went to the one by my house. When I drove to the concert there were maybe 50 people but by the time I joined there were a few hundred. I hung out there from 11:45 to 1:45 Friday night. It was really cool. I was a big time minority as a white guy. I would say about 75% of the protesters were of Central American descent, 20% were black, and about 5% were white. I didn’t do much but felt good about being there. I thought it was important to let my neighbors know that I support them and I’m there ally. It really kinda turned into a party at the end. People were blasting Mexican music, dancing, and shooting off fireworks.

On Saturday night I went to Women’s March huddle with my friend Natalie. There were about 30 people there and that was pretty neat. It’s nice being around like-minded people. Then after that I went back to the ICE protests from the night before (right middle). This night was a little different than the night before. The cops were out and blocked off traffic in all 4 directions. Then they just lined up and stood there. So that was kinda intimidating and made things a little more tense. There was also this kinda radical group that was there. They were yelling how the cops don’t care about minorities (a little bit of truth) and they were holding up signs about stopping gentrification. This group was also wearing bandanas over their faces. People asked them to take the bandanas off and just stand with us but they wouldn’t. I didn’t stick around as long this night. I did get my pic used in that news article I linked so I thought that was cool.

I wanted to protest with my neighbors again tonight but no one was out.

So that was my week. I also ran 6 days and went on 2 walks with Natalie. I’m trying to get back in shape before it gets hot here.

2 thoughts on “Last Week

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I wish you have shared how fast those 2k intervals were. That way I would know how much I need to train in the upcoming weeks to whoop yo a$$ on foot during SXSW.

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    1. Haha luckily I still remember. The first 2 2k intervals were at about 5:40 pace and the last one was at 5:50 pace. Have you been running at all? We should go on a short trail run one morning when you guys are here.


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