Funtimes in Babylon


My intentions of this post is to combine self authoring into this website. The most beneficial exercise that I learned in the self authoring program was identifying ones goals. After identifying the goals you develop a strategy of how you can achieve them. So I chose 5 areas of my life that I feel impact me the most in my day to day. By focusing my attention into these areas I believe I will have a more joyful experience.

In no particular order.

Spirituality, Health/Fitness, Starting a podcast, Marriage, Career

I am going to break down starting a podcast in this post.

Dan and I have batted this idea around for probably 7 or 8 months. I remember it got mentioned the first time somewhat seriously this past summer. It’s foggy but I think it spawned from a conversation we had about TFATK. The idea has never been closer to fruition than right now.

The fact that Doug, Dan, and I launched this website gives me confidence that we are going to start a podcast. Why podcast?

Podcasts are like the gasoline on the fire that is our friendship. Podcasts allow us to get right to the good shit and go deep in our conversations. So, I think naturally we would feel comfortable recording our conversations. Now we have this website to post our podcasts on.

Starting a podcast would also give me a “creative” outlet. I’ve been wanting to find a hobby to replace playing so much 2K. I plan to start creating more of my own entertainment with my life experiences rather than getting it fed to me via the amazing game play of 2K.

The first thing I need to do is research what equipment we would need to pull this off. I would then need to learn how to operate the equipment, and then hit record.

I would like to set a goal of putting at least 1 conversation recording on tri-stateofmind before we go to SXSW. Then we record a three-way podcast in Doug’s apartment. I have identified the obstacles now it is all about execution. I’ve always been a dreamer, but in this chapter I am going to learn how to create the dream.






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