The Psychology of Redemption, Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, Ep 5. – (Intro, Recap, Reaction): Part 1: Intro – Personal Background

The Psychology of Redemption, Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, Ep 5.  – Intro, Recap, Reaction

Part 1: Intro – Personal Background

I want to start by giving some background on how I started listening to Jordan Peterson, a little bit of my personal background, and some insight into my current psychological state.  Jordan Peterson was on the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast, which I listen to and try to stay current on for probably over 5 years now.  This particular episode, I actually skipped, and I think I thought the summary of the podcast just didn’t sound interesting at that time.  It was something like, University of Toronto Psychologists Jordan B. Peterson discusses social pronouns.  I’m not sure if it was anything like that, but that’s what I’m imaging.  So, it was actually Hazel who mentioned the podcast to me first, he said it was great and that he really wanted to discuss it sometime with me.  After I listened to it, it was eye opening, and I was really absorbed in finding out more about this guy, Jordan Peterson.

Inevitably, after being on the JRE podcast, Jordan Peterson’s stock took off online, and in my world.  I would categorize Jordan Peterson as an individual who is solely focused on the truth, seeking the truth, and fighting for the truth, when necessary.  He is a social phycologist who also states that he is Christian.  It was Hazel, again, who pointed me to the actual Jordan B Peterson Podcast, and this specific episode.  Again, I was blown away by this 46-minute podcast.  This was a lecture from 2012 that Jordan Peterson conducted at a Conference designed around “personal meaning”.  In this podcast, Jordan Peterson poses one big question, “what are we doing here?”.  Which is the same question I ask myself every day, and what I’m sure many others ask all the time.  It’s similar to questions like “what’s my purpose?”, “what am I doing here”, “does God exist”, “where did we come from?”, but just wrapped into one question…what am I doing here (on Earth)?  I will speak more on the podcast, but this gives some insight into how I approached my listening experience.

I want to give some background on myself to help give understanding to the perspective I am coming from when reacting to this exceedingly intellectual podcast (The West Was Never Won, Modern Electric). I was born in S. Korea and was adopted by a family in Cleveland, OH at a young age.  My family was and is  a very “right-wing”, Christian, republican family.  I grew up the son of a youth pastor at a moderately conservative Protestant church, where I believed for most of my life that Christianity and God were real, that the Bible was “God-breathed”, and that the New Testament should be taken literally.  My parents were good parents, they taught me good values and what they thought was right at the time.  I attended a Christian college and believed in God under the same guise as what I had learned growing up.  I think I understand the theology of Christianity better than most, but always had this underlying feeling that it wasn’t right.  I chalked this up to a lack of “faith”, which has always been the most confusing concept about Christianity to me.  To believe in God requires a certain amount of faith that supersedes the doubts that are always so constant.  I believe we all have doubts, some might have more than others, and so that causes those people to ask more questions and seek new information.  In my life, on and on this went, the constant up and down of having faith in God and believing Christianity, and then having the realization that it just didn’t make sense.  This constant struggle between two distinct sides, which I personally struggled with for years was very frustrating.  In the end, I decided that I don’t believe in the literal God of the bible, but that I could never, absolutely say there was not a higher being that created or had a hand in the creation of this magnificent world.  I guess that would make me an agnostic, because I just don’t know.


Part 2, Coming soon…


Dan C.

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