Snapshot my life January 19 2017.

Good news proclaims the Lord! For I am the happiest I have ever been in my life!

It is true friends, I am so happy to be alive. I feel as though I have started to wake up from behind the wheel of my pontoon drifting towards the middle of the ocean.

With the help of:

  • Note cards with my objectives and aspirations for the day
  • Jordan Petersen self authoring program
  • Podcasts (Rogan, Petersen, Callen, Matts, Duncan)
  • Dan and Doug to digest ideas with

I am able to steer my meat vehicle towards a mode of life that I am choosing. I am headed towards a life with more purpose and meaning. Waking up to the amazing opportunity I have to be alive is redemptive. The more true ideas I expose myself to the clearer my objectives become. The fog is starting to lift.I value my own life than I ever have before. I feel like I can become the “Hero in my own movie” (Rogan).

I am lucky to have the structure I have in my life right now. It is a very safe time to be Bryan Hazel. My wife is better than me, we have careers that give us the luxury to not stress about finances, and I have the two best friend I could imagine.

If my 21 year old self had been offered this life I would have signed up in a heartbeat. It’s great. Now that I have more wisdom I know that it can be better. I am becoming more aware of who I am and what makes my life better. It feels like I am becoming equipped with ideas that help me manage my life way better than I have in the past.

So lots of good things cooking.

My marriage is not stagnant. Together Lindsay and I are learning what makes us tick.We started a spin class at the YMCA in November and it has been a great way for us learn something new together. Waking at 4:45 two days a week and going to the YMCA in the winter sucks but there is joy in the sacrifice. When we are in the middle of an interval I love looking over at her and seeing her hurt. Then we always make eye contact and acknowledge that we are killing the workout and life in general.

It feels like we have a renewed spirit in our marriage. We both turned 30 this past year and will celebrate 5 years of marriage in June. Not to rub it in fellas, but I am so thankful for my wife.

Putting yourself second to your spouse is a lifelong process. People change all the time, I can hardly recognize who I was when I married Lindsay almost 5 years ago. I have had numerous ideas, values, opinions knocked down and reconstructed that make me a completely different person. It is necessary because Lindsay is a different person as well. The fact that we are able to recognize that we change allows to grow closer together.

I feel the same way about my relationships with my best friends Doug and Dan. Us starting this blog is similar to Lindsay and I started the cycling class. We are taking an adventure together. And although we have never “drifted” apart as friends I feel closer to you guys now more than ever. Our relationships are growing. All three of us are becoming better humans.

I respect and look up to both of you guys. I love that we can hangout after a year apart and in one night come up with this website idea. I think all three of us are great individually and together we are exceptional. This is what a long distance friendship looks like. I want to share a couple qualities I recognize in you guys.

Doug: I admire the humility you live your life with. You’re so good at being there for others. You are the most trustworthy person I know. I love how you never seem to judge other people. I love your balls, I have much respect for your decision to move to Austin. You just did it and I can’t imagine if you hadn’t. You are my brother for life.

Dan: I admire your openness. Our talks have not wavered because you make it a priority to stay in touch. I love our quick, 20 minute conversations on the commute home from work. I respect how forthright you are. I tend to absorb / avoid conflicts in my life and you go after them. Hanging out with you is always a 10. We don’t have those stupid drunk fights anymore. Knock on wood. We have always had a special friendship I cherish it man. I appreciate you being my sound board. You are my brother for life.

My hope is that we continue to grow as friends and men. This website is our space where we can hangout. I get so excited to read the posts from you guys. Both of you guys are good writers.

I am proud to be friends with both of you. Iron sharpens iron and this website is a perfect example.

With love,



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