Dan’s Introductory Thoughts

I really wanted to put something together for the website that I felt put a stamp on what my vision is for my part of this adventure with my two great friends.  I think we all thought that we wanted something to put congregate our thoughts, stories, pictures, ideas, music, and to be able to put all that on one single platform, or in this case, this website/blog.

There has always been a personal desire of mine to have some avenue to express the creativeness that has been suppressed throughout years of personal neglect.  Whether it be the expressiveness of a song that compels me to write how I feel about it, the thoughts of an upcoming election, the recent show I went to, or the random top ten list I want to share, it’s all a possibility here.  The cool thing about doing this with two other like-minded men, is that we all have a similar vision, that is equally different, and that together, it will form a creative venture that only the three of us could put together.  I really hope that one day we can look back at this site, or maybe a version of this site, as a time capsule of who we were at this time.  With all that said, I’m excited to start off 2017 with this new adventure, that with time, will grow and become something we can share together.

For my second post, which is something I have thought about a lot, and what I want to base the “soon to be” podcast with Bryan, is in-depth synopsis of interesting podcasts that we listen to on a daily and weekly basis.  This is what I envision spending time on in the near future.

Coming Soon…In depth synopsis and reaction to the Jordan B Peterson Podcast, Episode 5, The Psychology of Redemption. (Personal Deadline: 1.19.2017)

-Dan C.

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